January 23, 2012

3 Feb

Let me introduce you all to a new holiday! It’s January 23rd!

In Brian’s family, they celebrate that day every year. Why? The real question is why not. I thought it was a little strange at first as he explained to me that they all got together, dressed in silly costumes and toasted the day. Sometimes his family would have a murder mystery dinner party, sometimes they’d play poker, and sometimes they’d play strip yahtzee. Living in New York, Brian decided to throw his own January 23rd event in the West Village at a karaoke bar.

An amalgamation of people showed up, some of us wearing silly hats, all of us ready to drink and sing. Highlights included Brian’s falsetto “Kiss” by Prince, “A Whole New World” with a very deep, baritone singing as Princess Jasmine, and my rendition of “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie (if I do say so myself.)

By the end of the night I was sold on the holiday. It was a day to celebrate and have fun with friends. One could argue that most weekends/birthdays/random Thursdays can represent the same thing. But what makes holidays so special anyways? Aren’t they all just another day in the calendar year? Sometimes I feel pretty burnt out on other holidays. Christmas never seems to live up to the heartwarming hype that we are bombarded with. Halloween comes with an enormous amount of pressure to find a costume that makes you look attractive/creative/entertaining, and you have to find a party to go to with equally attractive, creative, entertaining people. Valentine’s Day used to be fun, but I’ve been bombarded with heart-shaped things for the last month, and I kind of want to just get it over with.

January 23rd is different. It’s a secret among us few elite. No special decorations, no traditions, special recipes, stupid songs. Just. Have. Fun. With your friends! With your family! With some random lonely dude who sings a mean “Total Eclipse of the Heart” at a karaoke bar.

As I headed out that night, I promised Brian that I too would carry on the memory of January 23rd from that day on. He told me, “Our motto is ‘spread the word.'” Okay, he kind of drunkenly slurred it, and I’m pretty sure he made it up then and there. But the fact that January 23rd has no motto makes it all the better!


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