26 Before 26: Take a Pole Dancing Class

26 Feb

In my 26th year of life, I am attempting 26 new things that I’ve never done before. Full list here.

My friend Junie and I have been talking about taking a pole dancing class for a long time. We even bought Groupons a couple of months ago. However, our schedules just never seemed to align, and the couple of times we registered for classes, they were cancelled because of weather.

Junie is going through a rough time, and earlier in the week, she came out of the bathroom, drying her eyes. She sat down at her computer and solemnly declared, “This Friday, we pole dance.”

I am there for my friends. If you are going through a rough time, I am at your disposal. I take pride in being there for the important people in my life, because they have proven to be there for me. So if I must pole dance to help a friend out…I must pole dance.

First of all, pole dancing isn’t stripping. At no point were clothes removed, and we were all in tank tops and shorts. It wasn’t as much cardio as I would have liked, but it definitely made my muscles burn. It was an introductory class, and the teacher taught us a quick little routine. Everyone felt a little silly doing some of the moves, but when she put the music on, it became a bit easier to lose inhibitions and have fun with it. I LOVED the head rolls (the easiest part). While walking around the pole, you essentially flip your hair around in a seductive way.

Our instructor was incredible, and when she danced the routine, she looked unbelievably confident and sexy. I want to have that level of confidence in myself. I spent most of the routine trying to get my feetwork right and to follow the beat. (By the way, “Cream” by Prince is probably the best confidence-boosting song I’ve heard of late. It’s been on repeat on my ipod.)

“You’re so cool, everything you do is success,
Make the rules, then break them all ’cause you are the best.”

Toward the end of class, she gave us an introductory lesson on the two most difficult parts of pole dancing, spinning and climbing. I had a rough time with the spins, mainly because they rely so heavily on upper body strength of which I have none. But climbing, I’m on it. Literally. Once I figured out that it was all in the thighs, I popped myself up about two feet off the ground. I could hear Junie whooping at me. I followed the instructors directions, let go of the pole, and arched my back, holding on just by my legs. I. felt. hot.

Junie was incredible. She was the most confident one there, and I was so happy to help her get out of her own head for a while.

We have our next class next week.


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