Some Indian Food?

16 Mar


Brian and I were walking around the East Village trying to figure out what to eat. We decided to do Indian since I gave up meat for Lent. That really is a whole other post in itself.

Brian knew of an Indian place he had walked by before and had always wanted to go to. Brian has a thing about interior lighting and decorating. The place he wanted to go to had a bunch of chili pepper lights hanging from the ceiling. He couldn’t remember exactly where it was, but he wanted to walk by it before we went in.

It was lovely weather, so we wandered around until we found it. Brian realized as we were approaching that this was the place. We walk up and turn to face the restaurant. I notice that there is an upstairs and a downstairs and that there are four men standing outside. Two outside the upstairs entrance, two outside the downstairs entrance. We quickly realize that we are not standing outside of one restaurant, we are standing outside of four.

The four men see that we are there for dinner. So instantaneously they start yelling at us, trying to persuade us to come to their restaurant. I could hardly make out what they were saying, just that they were all trying to usher us into their specific restaurant. They were very much like paparazzi on a red carpet, all vying for our attention. I was very confused and started laughing hysterically, because I simply didn’t know what else to do. I turn to Brian who is also dumbfounded and trying to not laugh.

“You pick one,” he says to me. I look at him confused and overwhelmed. “JUST pick one!” he says again.
“Uh, okay. Upstairs?” I say. We start walking up the stairs as the two downstairs men start yelling at us, telling us they’ll give us free wine, better tables, better food. I’m laughing and focusing my attention on those top stairs, where two more men stand yelling at us. I just go to the right. The man at that door quickly swoops us in and slams the door. Brian deals with the maitre’d, because I can’t breathe through my laughing.

We sit at the table, and I am trying to regain my composure, but I am just staring out the window, laughing. It was the most ridiculous and unexpected thing that could have happened on a simple night out for Indian food. Brain is laughing too, but I am in a shock. Throughout dinner, Brian attempts to make conversation with me. He would later recount to friends…

“She was shell-shocked. She couldn’t speak. All she kept saying was ‘How could this happen? Why did they choose buildings next to each other!? I don’t understand how this happened.’ Then we’d laugh.”

I’m still baffled at the situation of an Indian man deciding to open an Indian restaurant right next to three others and trying to drive each other out of business by hanging more and more chilli pepper lights from the ceiling. How does that happen?

Our food was very sub-par. In New York, I live within walking distance of the best Indian food in the city, so I have high expectations, and the food was not very good. But the experience? Worth every penny.

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