Sunday Scrubdown

3 May

imageMonths ago, Brian and I were shopping in Soho before heading to a Husky football game. We stopped into a shop neither of us had ever heard of before called Sabon. I have since seen this store all over Manhattan, and I even saw a location in Tokyo.

Anyways, we were browsing when a salesperson asked us if we wanted to wash our hands. Er, okay? We guess so.

In the middle of the store was a large bronze sink with huge spigots. To run the water, there was a pedal by our feet. She looked at us both and assessed what scents we might like. After rinsing our hands, she gave me a scoop of Lavender Apple scrub. I don’t know how she knew, but to me, it was the best smelling thing EVER. After she dried our hands, she gave us our matching scent lotion. Not sure what scent Brian had, but it was semi-manly, like musk or mint.

Our hands were unbelievably soft. As we continued our shopping excursion, we kept sniffing our hands and running them along our faces. So soft, so smooth. We just couldn’t stop. We joked about how we wouldn’t have to pay for anything at the bar, we would simply run our hands along the bartender’s cheek, and they would magically give us whatever we asked for.

I wanted it. I wanted the scrub. I wanted the lotion, but I simply couldn’t justify spending $30 on a tub of scrub, and an additional $23 on lotion. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So a month or so later, I broke down and spent the money, and when they asked me if I wanted the little wooden scoop for an additional $1, I caved and got that too. Because sometimes, you have to treat yo-self.

(NBC will probably disable that video, but hey it’s great while it’s here.)

So now I enjoy what I like to call the Sunday Scrubdown. Every Sunday I allow myself an exceedingly long shower, one where I use the scrub, then I take my time getting ready and using the lotion. I end up feeling surreal the rest of the day, pure silk and enchanting aromas.

$54 well worth it.


2 Responses to “Sunday Scrubdown”

  1. Rose Black September 14, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    I’m sorry, I hate to disillusion your purchase, but Sabon products are not good for your skin. Go ahead look at the ingredients. The lotions contain SLS, Methylparaben, several other parabens, Perfumes, to name a few. The scrub also contains harsh fragrance and will actually dry you out over time. The smoothness you feel can be used by rubbing olive oil on your legs before you shave.

    The company does not seal their scrubs and often times you can look at the shelf and see oil leaking all over. Bugs have been found in the jars because they aren’t sealed. Products used in window displays that have faded are re-shelved and sold. They do not recycle properly. Most of their products are not kept in clean storage conditions, and the blocks of bar soaps are covered in dust and dirt. Be careful using their testers around the store. If a customer returns a damaged product they use it on the customers as testers instead.

    The company once had a “dry” shipment of scrubs arrive from Israel. They informed the employees to open the lids and pour an unknown oil combination from a used water bottle with the label removed into the jars and reclose the lid. Labels that are oily are replaced with separate labels nearly daily so the customer doesn’t realize how much they leak everywhere.

    They are not all natural. They have a few natural ingredients but they aren’t natural. Stop using your sunday treat. You will only regret it later with dry elbows, feet,and knees always having to return to buy their overly priced products.

    • Chrissy September 16, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

      Thank you so much for your comment. I didn’t know any of those things. May I ask where you got your information?

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