Side Note

29 Jun

That’s a rather amusing video, but my subject is not.

Today at work, Dr. S sent me to an exam room to get a cat. There was a couple in their 30’s, and the man handed me the cat, who was sweet and docile. I smiled at them and told them I’d be right back.

In treatment, I held the cat as Dr. S went about his exam, palpating the belly, listening to the heart, etc.

“You know,” he said. “This is the client with the fiance that got arrested.”
“What? I’ve never heard about this.”
“Oh, well his ex-fiance a couple of years ago went to jail for animal abuse.”
“What?! His cat? This cat?!”
“No, the cat died, but she took it to the Animal Medical Center with broken bones all over its body. They opened an investigation into cruelty. She actually confessed and went to jail for a year or so.”

He finished up his exam, and I carried the cat back to the owners. I’m not that much of a cat person, but after that story I felt a sad affection for the cat in my arms. It brought to mind a quote from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode I saw years and years ago (I’m not ashamed.) “I will not let you destroy what I was chosen to protect.”

That might sound a little melodramatic. But I spend most of my days helping animals, sometimes in little ways, sometimes in big ways. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I’m lucky to work where I do, and I don’t often see cruelty cases. To be reminded that it happens in the world is so confusing to me. Why would anyone take out their malice on these creatures?

Before I went back in the room, I gave the cat in my arms a quick kiss on the top of its head. “You’re a good kitty,” I told her.


2 Responses to “Side Note”

  1. Brenda Levy Tate June 29, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

    Wow, what a story. At least the abusive woman was his ex, not his current partner, and he cared enough about this cat to take it to a vet. So perhaps there is hope! I like the conclusion of your post, too. Animals want to be good, and to know they are good. They are such pure souls. ~ Brenda

  2. queerf0x June 30, 2013 at 2:45 am #

    The video was awesome. So is Buffy — never feel ashamed!

    I, too, fail to understand how someone can deliberately harm an animal. I was raised with pets and farm animals, and taught that they are dependent on us and trust us for their survival. They give us their love and ask for so little. They can’t understand the reasons for our neglect or anger or cruelty. They /want/ to please us so that we love them too. Even the ones that are ‘bad’ usually got that way through human causes. I’d sooner harm a person — adult, not child (children and animals fall under the same protection instinct for me). But an adult can at least understand what’s going on. An animal can’t. I have way too much empathy for animals to ever be so mean.
    Of course, at social gathering I’m usually the one lurking the corner or the kitchen or where-ever, hiding from people and making friends with the cat or dog rather than mingling, so obviously I’m bias…

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