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In Print

7 May

I have waited for this day for as long as I can remember. Seeing my name in a national magazine, in a full-length article. When the June issue of Cosmopolitan came out, I ran out on my lunch break to the drug store to buy the magazine. There it was, on page 197, Chrissy Wilson. Only, I didn’t write the article.


I was recently messaged on Facebook by a friend of mine who is a freelance journalist. She told me she was writing an article about 20-somethings pushing off having kids until their 30s. She wanted my opinion on the subject. I sent her back a quick message about how I feel about it, my experience. I thought that would be it. What ensued was a month of facebook exchanges, email exchanges, fact checking with Cosmo editors. It was a lot of work…for me.

It’s fun to see my name and my quotes in a magazine article, but also a little disappointing. After all those messages and interviews, my piece came down to two paragraphs. I wasn’t surprised, though. The writer was trying to push me in a certain direction, and I could tell I wasn’t giving her the quotes she wanted. The questions leaned toward a desperation at having children, starting a family quickly which is completely the opposite of how I feel. Reading the article, the other 20-something she interviewed served up baby-making anxiety much more than myself, saying how she only goes to bars where she can meet potential husbands/fathers. I had no idea people my age even felt that way.

Either way it was a fun experience, and the June issue is on the stands for anybody who’s interested. One day I’ll be the byline. One day!