July 9, 2010

12 Jul

Friday night Travis and I went out to dinner, pizza, and beer. Afterward we went to a party his friend, Lee, from high school was having. It was to be the last chance they would have to hang out before Travis leaves for New York. I have been there once before. Both times we have gone, we walk in the door and everyone is drunk and immediately starts cursing at us for not being likewise. Lee is very nice and polite, and I know he means a lot to Travis, but the company he keeps is, well, not my cup of tea. We stayed long enough for Travis and Lee to catch up a bit, hug, and say goodbye. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t spend more time together.

We were arriving home when I realized I needed a picture. Luckily when we arrived and entered Travis’ house, we were greeted by his roommates’ dog Bowser. Bowser’s tail is too large for his slender body, so when his tail wags, it moves the entire back half of his body causing him to walk in a zig-zag. It’s a very comforting thing to come home to. Also, Bowser loves Travis more than he loves his actual owners. Travis will often dance with Bowser, as he is doing in this picture. I’ve never seen a dog embrace dancing as much as this one.


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