July 13, 2010

13 Jul

Patients are constantly complaining to me how the hospital is too labyrinthine and that they can hardly find their way around. My opinion is that is just how hospitals are. They can’t be as simple as a shopping mall. The first floor is fairly easy to navigate, and the hospital only has three towers. However, the ground floor is chaos. There are no signs, hallways zigzag up down sideways. Nothing makes sense in the underbelly of the beast.

I had to take a software training class on the ground floor, and I left my house ten minutes early anticipating not being able to find the classroom. I wandered around trying to remember how to get there. I had taken a training class back in September. At some point, the linoleum floors end and it becomes muggy and dark as you enter the land of primeval nurses. This cave art, in my advanced historical opinion, shows a nurse getting ready to attack a patient. Notice the way she idly creeps toward the otherwise oblivious and happy individual. Needle aloft with a readiness to wipe that lolly-gagging-tongue-stupid-happy look off that patient’s face.


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