July 24, 2010

3 Aug

Campfires. Another plus to camping. S’mores. The inevitable accessory to campfires. Arguably the best part about camping. I do supposed that could just be my inner fat kid speaking though.

Fire is so thought-provoking. I can’t help but stare into the crackles of it trying to figure out exactly what I am looking at. I mean I know what I am looking at, but what exactly is fire? Hot gas? Changing elements? Why can’t you bottle fire? I didn’t take much science beyond high school, and I am sure there is some scientific definition and explanation of it all, but I am not interested in that.  I enjoy the ethereal-ness of thinking of fire, of how it is beyond us; it defines us as a species, yet is so out of our control.

My thoughts about fire inevitably end up on the first verse of a Peggy Lee song.

“I remember when I was little girl, our house caught on fire. I’ll never forget the look on my father’s face as he gathered me up in his arms and raced to the burning building out on the pavement. And I stood there, shivering in my pajamas, and watched the whole world go up in flames. And when it was all over, I said to myself, ‘Is that all there is to a fire? Is that all there is?’

Is that all there is?
If that’s all there is, my friends,
Then let’s keep dancing,
Let’s break out the booze,
and have a ball,
if that’s all there is.”

-Peggy Lee

EASILY one of my favorite songs of late.


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