August 7, 2010

7 Aug

A few of my co-workers and I floated down the Truckee River. It was a beautiful day. We had blueberry vodka and blueberry beer that we were keeping in this floating cooler. Unfortunately, though, once we hit some mild rocky rapids, the cooler flipped over, and apparently the lid wasn’t on tight enough. Once we were in smoother waters, we realized that the cooler was completely empty. All of our beer had drowned, along with Jho Anna’s waterproof camera and Pam’s car keys. We stopped for a while, but quickly realized looking for the keys was pretty futile. We were, however, able to salvage the vodka, the carton of juice we were using for a chaser, and a beer. In response to losing her keys, Pam proceeded to polish off the water bottle full of vodka. What else was there to do? We laid back, enjoyed the sun and the water, and kept floating. We took turns watching out for Pam making sure she didn’t drown. It was one of the funnest summer days I have had in 2010. If I were staying here, I would certainly invest in my own tube. We are planning on going again in a couple of weeks. Just enough time for my sunburn to fade, and the monstrous bruise on my butt to heal.


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