August 15, 2010

15 Aug

Sunday, I went up to Truckee, California to attend a Yoga/Mediation class. I drove up and down the streets completely unable to find the studio. It was getting to be 15 minutes or so past the time the class was supposed to start, and I was getting flustered and stressed which is entirely the opposite purpose of me wanting to take the class. I want to be calmer and have more control over my mind. I want to not worry so much. So I parked the car and forgot about the class. I’ll find some other one I told myself. So instead of meditation and stretching and calming, I got a Corona and some fantastic Mexican food, all greasy and spicy. Then I walked up and down the streets of Truckee. I love that town. I stick to it. I would live there if I ever got the chance. This is a panorama of the downtown area. It was bright out, and I accidentally misaligned the last frame. So it looks like the Sierra Ta Tavern. Whoops.


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