September 10, 2010

14 Sep

Danguole and I were reunited after a long period of separation. She went to Columbia, I went to Seattle, she went to North Dakota. Finally, we were both in Reno and went out for one of our “Ladies’ Nights” which in the past have included such events as accidentally walking into a swinger’s bar, gambling the night away, and dancing with complete strangers at Jazz Clubs in San Francisco. This time we decided to just have dinner at Bertha Miranda’s, easily some of the best Mexican food in Reno.

Once we sat down, we both ordered margaritas. The waiter offered to get us a pitcher to share. All I could think of was my three hour wait at the DMV to renew my driver’s license, so I said yes. Thankfully Danguole agreed to the pitcher as well. It was HUGE! Once we each had one glass of the pitcher and realized how much more we had to go, Danguole called her boyfriend and arranged a designated driver for ourselves. Once we had finished the pitchers there was no stopping us. We went to two more bars, having two beers each at each bar. We laughed, talked about feminism, knitting, our jobs, music, our boyfriends. Neither of us are big drinkers, and when we have gone out together, we never really get drunk. But by the time we left Lincoln Lounge at 2am, it was my birthday and we were plastered. An awesome sendoff before leaving Reno, and an equally fantastic beginning to my 24th year of life.


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