September 7, 2010

14 Sep

Obviously a very last minute photo. I was reading before going to bed and starting to get tired when I realized I needed a picture. Strangely last time I opted to take the easy road and just take a picture of whatever book I am reading, I was reading a book from this series. The Millenium series as it is known in Sweden. This book is the final book in the trilogy. For English readers, it is called “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.” The Swedish title is “Exploding Castles in the Sky.” A little strange, but it fits with the theme of the novel. The true injustice to English readers is the first book. It is called “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” but in Swedish it is called “Men Who Hate Women,” which is simply an awesome title. It is strongly what the entire series is about. Time and again in the books, women are subjected to horrible things at the hands of men who don’t consider them equals. Without giving too much away, the book doesn’t just indict specific men, it points out society’s willingness to ignore the plight of some women. But of course, the title sounds feminist, and Americans are afraid of feminism. The books do deal with feminism though, but in the context of an exciting thriller. Americans just have to be snuck feminist ideals, or they wouldn’t swallow it down. Also, I watched the Swedish film version of the book, it was really good! But of course, they are insisting on making an English version. I feel offended as an American that our culture is believed to be unable to handle anything that isn’t watered down or Americanized. But, of course, I also understand why this assumption is made.


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