September 13, 2010

15 Sep

Yes! I am finally in New York City! More than anything I was just anxious to start my new life, being in limbo was practically unbearable. Travis was at the airport to pick me up. I told myself not to cry, because I am just not that sappy. It was so good to see him and unbelievable to feel his arms around me once more. It was raining pretty hard, so I unfortunately could not snag a good picture of the city as we were driving in. Once we got to the apartment, Travis asked me to wait outside for a minute. Then he slowly brought me in with my eyes closed. When I finally opened them, I saw my adorable little apartment that I had only seen in pictures, and in a very blurry tour courtesy of Skype. He had sprinkled rose petals for me and lit candles. As I looked around for the first time, he told me “Welcome Home.” He proceeded to pull out a letter he had written to me that morning. It was so beautiful that I finally lost it and felt the warm tears stream down my cheeks. I was so happy! Later, we went out to grab some dinner in our neighborhood. We took this picture before heading out. We walked around our new neighborhood as he pointed out a variety of things to me. We live outside the heart of Manhattan, but there are still stores and restaurants everywhere. Actually I am not sure if there any part of Manhattan is not the heart. The whole city seems to be constantly vibrating and beating. There is so much going on. Newspaper vendors, people walking REALLY fast, and people love honking their horns here. We eventually found a hip little Thai place. The food was okay, but I was more excited to just be in the city with my boy than anything else.


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