September 15, 2010

22 Sep

I woke up still feeling down from my difficult first day and mourning the loss of all of my books and DVDs. Before Travis left for work, he sat down beside me on the bed and ran his fingers through my hair. Things haven’t been easy since I’ve gotten here but having him has made all the difference. More than just the lovey-dovey boyfriend stuff, he is a fantastic partner in all this. He told me to sleep as long as I wanted and that there was a message for me on the whiteboard when I decided to get up. I slept for an hour or so more before I checked the message. It said, “Good morning, girl! Hungry? I recommend going for some delicious bagels @ the Bagel Mill.” He had drawn a map of how to get there from our apartment. I got ready and ventured out. I ordered an everything bagel. The man behind the counter asked me what kind of cream cheese, and then pointed down. The display fridge was full of metal containers overflowing with a variety of cream cheeses. It looked the way a European gelato shop often does. Big swirly buckets of delicious artistry. I ordered the jalapeno cream cheese. I took my bagel and coffee and left the shop since there were no seats. The previous day on my misadventure to the grocery store I had passed a park, so I headed back in that direction and found a bench in the park to rest upon. I took a bite of my bagel and realized that it was the first real bagel I had ever had. Sure I’ve had “bagels.” But this was a different experience entirely. It was so crisp and toasty on the outside, a perfect amount of “everything” on it. The inside of the bagel was unearthly doughy and moist. The cream cheese was airy, fluffy, yet heavy upon the doughy cloud inside that bagel. I was in heaven.


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