September 18, 2010

23 Sep

Did I return to that horrible restaurant? Sadly, yes. As much as I would have loved to stick it to the man, I also wanted the money. Also I’m that crazy type of person that likes being employed. I like having an excuse to get out of my apartment. Travis wanted me to try and keep the job a little longer, from a financial perspective. So I returned. Here’s the twist. I was the only one that did return! All the other waitresses just bailed out. I was kind of pissed. We had all exchanged phone numbers and decided to stick together. We promised to let each other know if we decided to quit. They completely abandoned me and had no intention of letting me know. I had no problem abandoning those horrible owners, but I would NEVER have done that to my fellow waitresses.

Anyways, it was still pretty horrible, but I definitely served up a healthy portion of attitude to Mr. Fancy-Pants. I felt very entitled to. After all, was he going to fire me and wait the tables himself? Of course not. Not to mention that I am good at what I do, and I had pretty much brought the organization and cohesiveness that his restaurant so desperately needs.

I came home to a hungry boyfriend. So we decided to try out this coffee shop only about a block away. It is a French chain in Manhattan called “Le Pain Qoutidian.” They have many delicious pastries in the window and long oak tables under warm lighting. It always looks like a charming place. We got a seat by the window for some excellent people watching. The food was expensive for very small portions and not exceptional taste. Travis was very hungry and very disappointed by his itty-bitty waffle. Also, their mugs didn’t have handles which confused us country folk very much.

We then hauled ourselves all the way to the far side of Brooklyn to go to the largest Ikea I have ever seen. We spent something like five hours going through and debating what we wanted for our apartment and fighting the lines for checkout and shipping. Exhausted we treated ourselves to Ikea hot dogs and cinnamon buns. By the time we got home, my feet were absolutely burnt out. But it was good to be one step closer to an organized and put-together apartment.


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