October 6, 2010

8 Oct

I used my day off to head into Midtown and try to get my paycheck from the lovely morons at Restaurant 1945. Unfortunately, they weren’t there. But I did get to say hi to some of my former co-workers who informed me that things are getting better there. It was starting to be a bit more organized right before I left, so I’m happy (for the sake of the other wait staff) that things aren’t quite so horrendous.

On the bright side, I met up with Travis for lunch in Bryant Park. He got the joyous information that he passed the first half of his CAIA test. I am so proud of him and knew he would do it. It also made me happy to know that those six weeks of separation were worth it. I bought him a lunch of street chalupas. It was a charming fall day.


One Response to “October 6, 2010”

  1. mom October 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Yeah Travis. I knew you could do it !!

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