November 26, 2010

2 Dec

I obviously stole this from my sister. But I forgot to take a picture this day! I’m really slacking off at this. I feel as thought I am moving into hibernation mode. This happens to me every winter. I basically just want to spend all my time curled up in a blanket alternating between napping, watching movies, reading, and eating. This is definitely not what I should be doing. I am homesick for my family, my friends, my Reno, my Seattle. But, now, I’m in New York City. I should be getting involved and exploring all the opportunities here, or I am never going to like it here. I am aware of this. But, in the winter, it is so hard to push oneself.

Anyways, my sister was visiting for the weekend. We stopped at some novelty shops in an alleyway by Think Coffee. We found some great animal mittens. This one is a cow. My sister bought be monkey ones the following day.


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