December 10, 2010

15 Dec

Friday night, we went on a double date with Travis’ co-worker and her husband. They had hard-to-get tickets to Comic Strip Live which is one of the most famous comedy clubs in New York. While everyone was filtering in, they were playing old routines on big screens. They played bits by Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Gilbert Godfried, Eddie Murphy. The comics that we saw were hilarious. Plus, clubs like this have a two-drink minimum. The drinks cost around $12, but they sure do make them strong. Halfway through the show, I was drunk and laughing uncontrollably.

I was mildly distracted, though, by this obnoxious woman near us. The best way to describe it is by citing an episode a “Seinfeld.” The one where Kramer is dating Toby, Elaine’s annoying co-worker. Kramer takes her to one of Jerry’s show, and she obnoxiously ruins it by constantly saying “That is so funny!” and eventually booing and hissing. We had that girl. She had to yell out “That’s funny!!” after everything. Finally one of the comics started making fun of her, but she just got more obnoxious, a security guard came over and told her to knock it off, and she left. But it’s another New York moment almost straight out of Seinfeld!


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