December 27, 2010

4 Jan

THE BLIZZARD!! I have many thoughts on this situation. First of all, it wasn’t that bad. The newspapers and the uppity made it seem like we survived a natural disaster. I do think it was the right thing for the mayor and the governor to issue statements asking people to stay home until the storm passed and the roads could be safely clear. But calling it an emergency weather state? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous. It’s December. It’s the Eastern Seaboard. Is this really the first heavy snowfall these people had ever witnessed? By reading the headlines you’d have thought that it was the Apocalypse.  In fact, one headline called it the “snowpocalypse.” The other thing that bothered me was the whining that went on for days and days after the fact. This is a picture I took driving through New Jersey. By the time we got to Manhattan, most streets were cleared, and we were even able to order take-out. (We tipped the delivery guy very well.) This was the day immediately after the storm. I kept thinking how quickly everything got cleared up. But we are STILL hearing about the “failure” of the city to clean up. What do these people want? It had been one day! People were up in arms that it took three days to completely clear the roads.  I can distinctly remember an equally bad blizzard in Reno about a year ago. The roads weren’t plowed for over a week. I remember bulletins asking everyone to check up on their elderly neighbors who weren’t able to get out of their house to get food. Maybe it’s the whole Western Frontier thing, but people on the West Coast are a lot tougher than these city-folk.

On a happy note! Our car got stuck in the middle of the freeway. Travis got out to push, and before too long there were big trucks stopping by asking if we needed help. As I watched these strangers shovel our car out of the snow, I had a sweeping feeling of the good that is in mankind. People in New York make it a habit of being assholes all the time, but in reality, if someone nearby really needs help, they are always willing to lend a hand.


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  1. kate January 4, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    In Reno there was a blizzard one time where I had to leave my blue car parked, in the middle of the road, for a week because of snow. East coast people are cowards when it comes to snow! They will call anything a blizzard.

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