January 14, 2011

18 Jan

I went out for drinks with Casey and Kayla. Kayla was the temp working at the dentist office before I left, and Casey works at the office on Fridays. Before Kayla left the dentist office, we decided that we would have to get together for drinks to vent about our working conditions. As soon as I met Casey and she told me that she was also unhappy, I invited her along as well. It’s hard to describe what makes the office so unreasonable to work in. The only other people that can understand are the ones that have been through it as well. So we drank huge, cheap margaritas and ranted to our heart’s content. Both of them were encouraging me to quit. Working there full time is devouring my life and my sanity. I can’t just leave though, I genuinely need the money. So they both pulled out their blackberrys and started giving me their temp agency contacts. Who knows if that will amount to anything. But it was amazing to have a good rant session.


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