January 30, 2011

7 Feb

I had a coupon for American Apparel that was about to expire, so I had to use it. I went to the store and browsed around, not really finding anything I liked. Then, I saw these big, floppy hats. I put one on and looked in the mirror. I loved it! I’m not a hat person, but something about this big floppy hat made me so happy. I immediately bought it and asked the salesperson to kindly remove the tag for me, so I could wear it home. I felt so darn fashionable. I headed out into the street with a new stylish strut from the confidence this big, floppy hat was giving me. Then, I started to realize (or maybe it was all paranoia) but people were doing double-takes at my hat, and not in a good way. I started looking up and down the fashionable New York streets only to find that my hat was different than any hat anyone else was wearing. I tried to keep my chin up. When I walked into my apartment, Travis looked up from the couch and started laughing. I officially felt silly. I had spent all this money on a hat I loved, only to feel like a big ol’ weirdo. I still wear my big, floppy hat because I like it, but people still look at me strange. I’m starting not to mind. After all, somehow those big ear flap hats are all the rage, and I think those look stupid. I guess fashion is all just following what people are doing right now. It seems so silly.


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