February 23, 2011

4 Mar

Ah, yes. A blurry picture of a broken, ipod USB cable. This was all I had, and my camera just would not focus. I am trying to blame my camera less for my underwhelming pictures, but the fact that I can neither control the focus nor the flash makes it really hard. My camera is a fickle machine.

Anyways, I bought a bunch of new music to listen to on my 20-minute walks to work, but I can’t find my USB for the life of me. I mentioned it to my boss at work, and she gave me hers to take home and use. That’s when I realized I really like her, and one of the reasons I’m enjoying my new job so much is because I am finally under decent management. She’s fun and manages the office well with authority, but also with understanding. It got me thinking of all my past employers when it struck me that the best managers I have had in the past were all women, while the worst were all men. Mind you, this is my 18th job! The women-run workplaces I have experienced are always better staffed and have a more productive environment. I’m just saying, women know how to run things smoothly. I (and most every other woman in this country) would love to see what America would be like with a white house and a congress dominated by women. I honestly believe we’d all be a lot happier.

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