February 25, 2011

4 Mar

This is Miles. I went up to Boston for the weekend to spend some time with my sister, but I also ended up spending time with Miles. For years, I have struggled with felinophobia, an intense fear of cats. More and more, though, I have faced my fear and come to realize that perhaps cats aren’t the symbols of Satan that I once thought they were. But I have always been wary. I don’t like them to come near me or to touch me, yet they feel ever-inclined to do so. Their owners often tell me (much to my chagrin) that their cat never likes people, and that I am the first person they’ve ever warmed up to. This has happened to me my whole life. But recently my friend Angie told me she read an article about how cats respect being ignored, and they flock to people that don’t like them. Hence my problem. Somehow, this knowledge has eased my fear of cats considerably. They aren’t taunting me. They actually like me. Anyways, Miles is super soft and laid back. He even snuggled with me on the couch. I felt so happy in this treaty I had apparently signed with my arch-nemesis. Then, I woke up Sunday morning sneezing like crazy, and I didn’t stop until I was back to New York, showered, and away from the cat hair. Oh well, it was nice to have a feline friend while it lasted.


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