March 2, 2011

4 Mar

I decided to make myself some guacamole, and I took this picture of the garlic I intended to use. I was going to write an ode to garlic, about how it is such a strange little thing, yet it makes so many things taste so much better. How did humankind look at this thing and figure out what magic it held?!?! Unfortunately, everything went wrong with the guac. I was overzealous about the avocados which were clearly not ripe enough and wouldn’t mush. I doubled the amount of garlic I usually put into guac. In the past couple of months, I’ve been adding an extra clove of garlic to recipes, and it always enhances the flavor. I thought it would be similar with guacamole, but I didn’t think it through. It’s raw garlic! It doesn’t cook down at all. So I had guac with crunchy avocado and way, way, way too much garlic. It burnt my mouth! I kept trying to enjoy it, but I ended up throwing most of it out. I sat on my couch, smelling not so hot, and pouted. Lesson learned!


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