March 4, 2011

5 Mar

A lot of days I whine to myself about taking good pictures. It’s hard, because I live in the Upper East Side which is like the ‘burbs on Manhattan Island. But I had the same complaint in Reno. I was stuck in the burbs. I can’t take good pictures, because it is winter, because I work all day, because my camera sucks. I’m tired of making excuses. I’m not taking good pictures, because I’m becoming lazy about it, and honestly after months of doing this project, it’s hard to still feel inspired by it, especially when I’ve never considered myself a photographer. So, on this day, to make it up to all my lovely readers (all three of you) I took the afternoon to wander around until I found something interesting, something eye-catching. It was a nice day, and I was happy to walk around and feel buzzed on a caffeine high off way too much green tea. I took this picture on Park Avenue.


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