March 14, 2011

16 Mar

Thanks to, we got a really awesome deal at this swank Tribeca Mexican restaurant. Travis took his big test today, and we decided to hit the town to celebrate. Our waiter was super nice until he saw our coupon, he proceeded to look down his nose at us the rest of the night, throwing a bevy of “no’s” in our faces.

Me: I’ll have a peach margarita?
Waiter: With your coupon (sneer), you can only have a regular margarita.

Travis: For our two appetizers, we’ll have the guacamole and…
Waiter: Your coupon (sneer) counts the guacamole as two appetizers.

Travis: I’ll have the Seafood Enchiladas…
Waiter: No…..(sneer)

He also neglected our table which was particularly irksome since the rest of the restaurant was relatively empty. We tipped him on the low side, but still substantial, which kind of annoyed me, because he forced us to live up to his expectations.


One Response to “March 14, 2011”

  1. danguolery March 17, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    Yelp them to hell. They will be sorry!

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