March 17, 2011

18 Mar

This was a crazy day for me. When I went to bed a little after midnight, I felt like I had been through four distinctly different days. For purposes of privacy and simplicity, I will only talk about St. Patrick’s Day!

It was actually pretty fun. It was a beautiful day outside, warm and sunny, and there were people everywhere. By noon, the bars were overflowing, and people were dressed in green/Irish/drunk themed outfits. There were bagpipers in the street, and, oh yes, lots and lots of firemen. Travis and I went out a bit after nine and hit up a few different bars. It felt like New Years Eve or something, there were so many people spilled out into the streets, all drunkenly stumbling around. We actually only went to two bars now that I think about it and got a Guinness each. Mostly it was nice to walk around the streets, see the festivities, and just enjoy the nice nighttime breeze.


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