May 3, 2011

24 May

I used to love every puppy I passed on the street. Living in the Upper East Side, it happened a lot. Dogs are symbols of wealth in this city more often than not. At the clinic, we rarely actually see the owners, because the owner’s have a fleet of dog-walkers and housekeepers to take care of their pets. A lot of the pets are really small, fancy, breed dogs. While at one point in time, I thought they were cute. Now I often think of them as dull, like live stuffed animals that just sit there. No personality. Nothing. Just another silly status symbol.

This Yorkie’s name is Melina, and she is NOT one of those dogs. She was dropped off in the middle of the night when her owner started to worry about her not eating. I passed her on my way to the break room the next day. I usually try to not look into the crates, because a lot of the time, the dogs are in a sad state, and it just breaks my heart too much. But I couldn’t not look at Melina, she is feisty. She has these googly eyes and does little spins in the crate when someone looks her way. She was soooo cute. So much energy for not having eaten anything in days. Eventually they got her eating again, and she went home.


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