May 12, 2011

2 Jun

Last winter, I found a book called “1001 Things to do in New York.” It’s the perfect touristy guide, because it is written by two New Yorkers. While it includes some of the obvious things like Rockefeller Center and Times Square, it also lists a lot of insider things to do. One thing it mentioned was visiting night court in Chinatown. I mentioned it to my co-worker, and she was super gung-ho about it. So after work on Thursday, we met up with her Australian friend and went. We were so excited for drama and chaos.

It was actually kind of dull. The main issue was that we couldn’t hear anything. While the judge had a microphone that was very low, no one else did. For the most part, we had no idea what was going on. Plus all the cases we saw were run-of-the-mill and not very exciting. I still want to go again another night. Maybe it was just a boring night in general.


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