June 2, 2011

13 Jun

Hunter College and my re-entrance into the world of learning! Oh school, how I’ve missed you! A couple of weeks prior, I signed up for a web design/programming class. I had dabbled in web design when putting together Dicey Weather and always wanted to learn more. Plus I feel like it is always a good idea to be abreast of technology. So I spent my precious few dollars on an Introductory Photoshop class. I was pleased to find that most everyone in my class was at the skill level as me, which is to say we had all heard of Photoshop but had never actually used it. We learned basic layering and adjustment. It was fun! I loved it and was only sad that I had to wait a week to learn more.

I also made a decision that as long as my finances permit, I want to always be enrolled in some sort of a class, whether it be practical (i.e. technology, career growth, grad school) or frivolously fun (salsa, yoga, baking, pottery). I just never want to stop learning. It’s what truly makes me happy.


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