June 7, 2011

16 Jun

I really respect and admire my boss. She is a fiesty but charming Irish lady who seemingly has her life together. Working for someone you like makes work that much more motivating. I want to do my best and be a good employee all the more, because I want my boss to be as impressed with me as I am with her. As humble as my job is, there is a lot to learn and be on top of. There are often so many things to keep track of that naturally things fall through the cracks, and my boss will become furious. However, about a week ago, I made a pretty bad mistake of forgetting to ship someone their medication. My boss confronted me, and I apologized and took full responsibility.

“I completely dropped the ball,” I told her with as much bravery as I could muster, preparing for my scolding.
“That’s alright,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “You do it so rarely, I don’t mind.” As she walked away, my co-workers and I were all stunned. I had somehow earned her respect.

This Tuesday was CA-RAZY. Phones ringing off the hook, emergencies galore, insane amounts of medications to compound and make. Plus one of my co-workers went home early with pink eye. A hectic day to say the least. As I was preparing an exam room, my boss walked by and asked if I could stay late. I told her of course.

“You are my number one employee.” Not going to lie, it was a great feeling.

Later, once things had calmed down, she pulled me aside and gave me the pictured box above. One of our wealthier clients had shipped her hand-made chocolates from Switzerland. Since I was stellar-employee-of the-day, she gave me one of the boxes. It was another 11 hour day of work, but that night as I sat by my fan and tried some of my ritzy chocolates I felt like a total and complete success.


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