June 20, 2011

4 Jul

GRACIE!!!! The cutest little puppy! Her mom was having the apartment sprayed for cockroaches. So Gracie came to spend the day with us, and she is far too cute to be in those scary metal cages with all those twitching post-surgery dogs. I brought her up to the front desk to be my assistant for the day. This job is definitely not the last I’ll ever have, but some days I love it.

In the background is about 70% of the files we have. Two things about this. ONE. This is why I get an attitude when clients call and say either “It’s me” or “This is Lily’s mom.” We have close to 6,000 active clients. I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I also don’t know your pet’s entire medical history. These people honestly expect this amount of information to be sufficient. I think because they are wealthy, they honestly believe that the rest of the world is at their beck and call. TWO. Is this 1983? How are a group of successful veterinarians so technologically inept? I have been actively dragging my employers into the 21st century with baby steps that I am practically forcing on them. When they ask me to get them the binders of allergy serum orders, I open up the categorized Word document and tell them that yeah, this computer thing is here to stay.

“Wow, this is so much easier to use and organize!” They often say to me.

I deserve a raise. Just sayin’.


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