26 Before 26

28 Sep

Hey, did you see where September went? Me neither, but if you see it could you give it a big ol’ high five for me?

This month was entertaining and full of amazing things. I kept telling myself that I should be documenting this stuff (I have in my beautiful new moleskin) online, but I have not been able to find the time. A good thing, for sure. But I wanted to get this up here before it became completely irrelevant.

September is my favorite month of the year. To me it rings of apples, fall, back-to-school, cooler weather, and my birthday. Yes, if you don’t know, my birthday is on September 11. Yes, my 15th birthday kind of sucked. Yes, it is not the cheeriest of days to celebrate leaving the womb and entering the world. But, no, it has never stopped me from having a good time. This year, I went to San Diego to stay with my friend Brett and his family. His mother, Nancy, has the same birthday, and she invited me to celebrate in style with their family. I love them and instantly feel like I am a long lost relative. I spent my days reading/writing by the pool/beach. We went through something like 6 bottles of champagne. Sitting by the fire pit, my flute would get low and I would hear Nancy tipsily holler to Brett’s stepdad, “Steven!! Chrissy is low on champagne, and it is her biiiiirthday weeeeeeekend. Go. Fill. Her. Glass…….and mine too!” Brett and I had a heart-to-heart in his hot tub, sipping on Maker’s Mark until 3 in the morning. It was the perfect birthday. Everything I wanted and needed it to be.

On the actual anniversary of my birth, Brett and I hiked down to this gorgeous nude beach, which is an interesting story for another post.

More importantly I’ve decided to set goals for the following year of my life. These are 26 things I have never done, that I would like to do before the year is out. You know me, I just loooove crossing things off lists. I would like to write about these things as I accomplish them. But with my track record of update my blog….let’s just be optimistic here!

1. Eat an Oyster

When I was visiting in Seattle, I met an interesting man named Rory. I came to really enjoy him, especially when he would put on Weird Al songs and fly around the living room dancing and talking about Weird Al in the most excited way. Awesome. Anyways, my other friend Liv was telling me how when Rory eats oysters, he likes to shake his stomach and talk about about they are all swimming around in him in salty goodness. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

2. Take a Pole Dancing Class

My co-workers and I keep talking about it, and it’s just got to happen one of these days.

3. Write a Fan Letter

My instinct tells me to write one to Tina Fey, but Bonnie Hunt is a close second. I love me some empowered women!

4. Attend a Meditation Seminar

I would love to learn to meditate correctly. I bought a book ages ago called, “The Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism.” Fascinating, but I just couldn’t get meditation down. I am too type A. I kept looking at the clock, worrying about my posture. I need an expert’s help.

5. Cook a Delicious Fish Dish (say that 10 times fast)

I love to cook, but I was a vegetarian for 8 years, so I am really behind on how to incorporate meat. I only recently became comfortable dealing with chicken. There is an excellent fish market by my building, and I feel like a fool for not capitalizing on this.

6. Do some gardening.

I’ve never grown anything, unless you count a Chia pet when I was 12. It died.

7. Anonymously pay someone’s tab.

Sometimes I see frazzled moms or lonely old people all flustered and upset at diners/coffeeshops/grocery stores. Just once I’d like to quietly pay their bill for them and watch from afar as they receive the news.

8. Be an extra in a movie or tv show

I live in New York. I need to make this happen and become immortal on the silver screen.

9. Do Batting Practice

I joined a softball league this summer, and it was so much fun. One of the best random, brave things I’ve done this year. But I athletically suck. I would like to turn that around, and I think some focused training might do the trick.

10. Paint something ceramic

It sounds so suburban, but I’ve never done it.

11. Go on a wine tasting

I hate wine. Purely because it gives me the worst hangovers in the world, and it makes me feel sick. But I’ve always really, really wanted to do one of these. So I’m going to give it a shot. I have continuously surprised myself throughout my life with the things I have grown to enjoy/love: baseball, mushrooms, Lady Gaga.

12. Go Hiking

I’ve never done this. Nature scares me. But now that I live in a concrete maze, I miss the shit out of it. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

13. Pluck my eyebrows

I told a close friend that this was on the list, and he looked at me surprised. Sigh, yes, I have lovely eyebrows, but is there a chance they could be even more improved!

14. Go skinny dipping

I’m young, and I like the way I look naked, and I like swimming. So, yeah.

15. Go Scuba Diving

I have NO idea where I am going to go to accomplish this one. Therein lies the fun.

16. Go Sailing

I am technically very WASPy, yet sailing has eluded me.

17. Join a book club

I tend to turn my nose up at these sorts of things, but for a book lover, I should be less judgmental. I think it could be quite enlightening given the right people.

18. Go to a hockey game

I increasingly enjoy sports, and hockey seems like an AWESOME one.

19. Drink an Old Fashioned.

I am a Manhattan girl myself. I find the whiskey and the maraschino cherry to be my perfect poison. I went to a secret and swank bar with my friend Gian. I ordered my Manhattan. He ordered an Old Fashioned. It was all so Mad Men. But I’d like to try being Don Draper for a night, without all the affairs.

20. Read a David Foster Wallace book.

I feel left out of my generation by having read nothing by him. He is supposedly the voice of our generation. But is books are soooo looooong. I’m just going to suck it up and see what the fuss is about.

21. Ride a Segway

I would like to do this while wearing khaki shorts and athletic socks with sandals.

22. Ask for a raise

I deserve it dammit! But I’m just too scared to say it.

23. Attend service at a synagogue

Um, there are a lot of Jewish people here. Tomorrow is Rosh Hashannah (sp?). I mentioned to one of the doctors at work that I have no idea what that means. He laughed and said, “This ain’t the West Coast anymore. Now you have to give a shit.” I loooooove Dr. Greene. But, yes, I would like to be less culturally ignorant.

24. Go to a gun range

I would like to fire off some rounds. You wouldn’t think it to look at me, but I’ve got a lot of rage!

25. Play the drums

I really liked to play that part when I played Rock Band in the past. It’s like the same thing, right?

26. Lie down and listen to a classic rock album and do nothing else.

Um…maybe have a beer or smoke a cigarette as well.


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