10 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I was at a bar in Soho with some friends from the coffeeshop I used to work at in Greenwich Village. We ran into one of our former regulars. I was returning from the bathroom when my former co-worker John told me that Tom (the former regular) was well-connected in the city and going to fix him up with some political volunteering. Apparently this mustachioed man is in the business of making dreams come true.

“He helped introduce me to urban planning people,” my friend Sara chimed in.
“What’s your dream for New York?” Tom asked me, all eyes at the table shifting to me.
“I’m a writer,” I said. It took me a long time being okay saying that, because it always sounded strange to me. There’s that whole existential what am I really thing that always pops up.
“Oh,” he said. “Well, you’re just fucked then.” Everyone laughed, myself included. It’s not an easy ambition, and there is no real barometer of success.

I did recently start writing for a website called Uinterview. It’s a celebrity gossip website, which is definitely not what I ever saw myself doing, and it’s not something I’m even very interested in, but I figured it was something that involved a bit of creativity and using my writing skills, more so than cutting 90 5mg Prozacs into 1/4s for the apparently very depressed dogs in the Upper East Side. Plus I get to be fairly creative with what I do. So here are some links!

Some semi-creative blog postings:

Who is America’s Royal Couple?

Joe Calderone?

Lindsay Lohan Sucks–not surprisingly a lot of the posts I write are about how I don’t like celebrities and don’t understand why anyone should care.

An Eyewitness Account of Gerard Depardieu Peeing on a Plane– the most creative thing I’ve gotten to do for the website. I like it!


Rob Lowe’s Autobiography– It’s surprisingly delicious!

Judi Dench’s Memoirs– Surprisingly dull. I expected so much more.

Dick Van Dyke’s Autobiography-Fantastic!!

The Office Season Eight Premiere



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