I’m going to Japan

15 Jan

Celebration at Japadog

I received an email from the Seattle Mariners announcing their regular season opener at the Tokyo Dome against the Oakland A’s. I laughed to myself and thought about how awesome that would be. Brett and I had previously talked about traveling somewhere together, and the boy loves himself some Asia. So before I went to bed I forwarded the email to him, saying “Want to go with me?”

When I woke up the next morning, I had two emails in return. One saying simply “Holy shit. I seriously seriously would” and another “I honestly have the miles to do this.”

So over the next couple of days, we made some frantic phone calls to one another on our lunch breaks from work. The deadline to purchase the baseball tickets was fast approaching, but both of us were nervous to just dive in.

Then we just did.

He bought the baseball tickets. I booked my flight. I am going to Japan.

I have been wanting to visit Asia, especially Japan, since I took an amazing Japanese history class in college. I briefly attempted to teach myself Japanese a couple of years ago. Now it’s really happening! My credit card is pretty exhausted right now, but who cares.

Yesterday, to celebrate, Gian and I went to Japadog in the East Village. I got a hot dog with onions, cheese, and seaweed on top. The best part though is that you can flavor your french fries. Mine were wasabi flavored. Gian opted for the soy sauce, butter flavored fries, which were incredible. He had to slap my hand away a couple of times. I just couldn’t stop myself.

Holy shit, I’m going to Japan.


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