26 Before 26: Paint Something Ceramic

18 Jan


In my 26th year of life, I am attempting 26 new things that I’ve never done before. Full list here.

I’ve said it before. I love art, but I am not an artistic person. I love to paint, draw, play instruments. I am, sadly, not good at any of these things, but it sure doesn’t stop me from enjoying them.

Despite having grown up in the suburbs, I never had the opportunity to go to one of those ceramic places and paint a mug or a bowl or whatever kids these days are painting.

I did, however, sculpt a ceramic horse in 8th grade art. I loved/love horses and worked really hard on my homage. THEN, before my teacher put it in the kiln, some anonymous asshole attached a large ceramic penis to it. Someone RUINED my horse. I have never gotten over this. I still carry my scars from middle school. Middle school was just the absolute worst, wasn’t it?

Moving on. I visited my family in Reno over the holidays. It was great to see my family and hang out with some of my oldest friends, but I quickly remembered why I was never particularly happy in Reno. There’s not a whole lot going on. So one afternoon, my mother indulged me and took me to paint ceramic stuff and knock another thing off my list.

Painting is so relaxing, and the time flew as I carefully layered the paint coats. It didn’t come out perfect, but I still looked down at it adoringly.

Best part, now I have a bowl! I have managed to make it through my adult life mooching off of everybody else’s kitchen supplies. Now my tally is up to 4 mugs, a wok, a pasta strainer, a french press, a cheese grater, a large knife, an apple slicer…and a bowl! Look who’s all grown up.


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