Missed Connection

22 Jan

I’ve gone out pretty much every night for the last couple of weeks. Not necessarily out partying. Sometimes I go to a friend’s apartment for dinner, sometimes I play poker with some softball friends, and sometimes I’m eating Jambalaya in the East Village with my nearest and dearest.

A cold finally caught up with me, but it didn’t stop me from going out every night last week. I was exhausted and sniffly. So Friday night (despite having spent the entire day in bed reading/watching “Intervention”), I had to call it an early night and leave the bar a bit after midnight.

I was standing at the subway platform, mindlessly staring down the track. I felt happy. I like where things are heading. I don’t know how I ended up here, but it feels right. I am trying to teach myself to not worry about the unknowables and just enjoy the wonderful present. And after a couple of years of discontentment, I’m basking in the glow of now.

In my tipsy/sniffly/exhausted/blissful haze, I realized that I was staring at a man walking down the platform towards me. He was attractive, and when I realized what I was doing, I quickly looked away. He kept walking toward me, and I looked back to realize he was waving and had an adorable grin on his face. He had his ipod in, and I had mine. I looked around to see who he was waving at. That’s when he stopped about two feet in front of me: smiling, waving, just…standing there?

I slowly took my hand out of my pocket, raised it up, and waved back at him. That’s when he gave me the most triumphant high-five of my life. And through The Clash playing loudly in my ears, I heard him yell, “Yeah!” as he walked away.

It was such a good moment. It was as if the universe heard me thinking, “I’m happy!” and sent me a big “Good for you!”

I didn’t chase after him. He didn’t come back and talk to me. But that moment was so pure and wonderful. I hope he was feeling as happy as I was at that moment.


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