Beauty and the Beast

29 Jan

A couple of weekends ago, my co-worker Jess texted me to let me know that a theatre in New York was showing Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Jess and I tend to get in heated and profoundly ridiculous debates. We’ve fought over whether Bert and Ernie can be considered humans. We’ve fought over the flavor vanilla (I’m a fan, and she’s not). But our most intense debate was over Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. I think B&B is the best Disney love-story. She thinks LM is.

She’s nuts.

She claims that B&B isn’t a good love story, because the beast is a monster who essentially kidnaps her. She believes that Belle falling in love with him is creepy, because he is of a different and unclassifiable species. But at least he’s a mammal! Ariel is also of a different species, and can we talk about how shallow Prince Eric is?! He never speaks to Ariel. He likes her, because he found her semi-naked on a beach. There is no debate that he is the most attractive of the Disney princes, but he’s also a tool.

I digress.

I made plans with my friend Kayla to go to the Ziegfield theatre to see B&B 3D on Sunday after I got out of work.  I texted her, and there was a miscommunication of dates, and she was unavailable. The movie was going to start in about half an hour, and it was my only free day that week. I texted Gian, but it wasn’t enough notice for him. So I went by myself.

The Ziegfield theatre is an old-fashioned theatre in Midtown. They have large swooping stairs, elephant statues lining the walls, and each of the bathroom stalls have their own private sink. Fancy!

So I took myself on a lovely me-date. Shouldn’t you occasionally show the ones you love just how much you care? Shouldn’t you love yourself? Shouldn’t you spend an afternoon treating yourself like a Queen? Yes, yes, yes.

I bought myself popcorn, a soda, and sat in the fifth row, which is my favorite row in movie theatres. Seeing the movie on the big screen for the first time in something like 20 years was incredible. I felt like a little girl again. I also had chills down my spine throughout the movie. The music! The drawings! The library he gives her! The Little Mermaid is pretty good, but Beauty and the Beast is definitely the best.


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  1. Mom January 30, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    of course!

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