July 2, 2010

5 Jul

Friday night, we hung out with a friend of Travis who was visiting from London before her move to Boston. Her and her friends are drinkers. I haven’t been around that scene in a while. Going out drinking for me usually consists of a beer or two, followed by yawning and the eventual turning in early. The night was fun though, as I revisited the college days. I was immediately enthused when we showed up in time for a game of flip-cup, probably my favorite game from back in the day. There was also a game of beer pong with much disputed rules. Every time I have seen a game played in Reno, they play by the strangest rules the likes of which I’ve never seen before. It’s difficult, because the rules I have always played by are universally acknowledged at the University of Washington even among friends from as far away as Chicago and San Diego but are absolutely unheard of here. It made me homesick for my friends in Seattle.


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