July 3, 2010

7 Jul

Travis and I continued our weekend of having other people feed us (his parents treated us to dinner the night before) by meeting my parents for sushi. This is only the third time I have ever had sushi, but I really like it. My one complaint is that I have no idea what I like. The waitresses have so many dishes to bring out that they kind of just throw the rolls on your table without telling you what you are about to eat. A dangerous situation when my father is a fan of eel. Sushi restaurants in Reno only come in one variety, all you can eat. This apparently does not happen in other cities. But, yes, in Reno, you pay one price, and you order until you are blue in the face. A friend of Travis’ actually does not drink water at all while eating sushi, that way the rice doesn’t expand in his stomach and he can fit more in. Now that’s thrifty!

We spent the rest of the day alternating between sleeping, eating more, and watching movies. Nothing productive, but sometimes those days are the best. We also borrowed my father’s super-fancy telescope from the 70’s and stargazed. I hadn’t used the telescope since I was a little girl, and I forgot how powerful it was. You could see every crater on the moon. Travis and I sat in his back yard for a couple hours gazing at the stars. Not the expected Saturday night for two 23-year-olds, but it sure was nifty!


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