August 27, 2010

4 Sep

Seattle, Washington. This is the view from my friends Brett and Kolin’s porch. I stayed at their new house during my visit. They obviously have a lovely view of downtown and Lake Union. I got in pretty late and hung around with the boys, visited with my friend Cassondra who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport. But I didn’t go out on the town. I wanted to rest up for my weekend. It felt so right to be back. Away from the stress of the hospital, my parents, my long-distance relationship, the job search, the move. I got to take a break and relax. I’ve lived in a couple of different places and have never really settled into a home. I don’t even understand what “home” is supposed to mean. I feel like it’s an abstract noun, like love or happiness. Seattle came pretty close though. I had the places, the people, the baseball team that I loved. I felt comfortable. But it still wasn’t home. I’m still looking.


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