August 28, 2010

4 Sep

My first full day in Seattle, Kolin offered to drop me somewhere after dropping Brett off at his work. Kolin took me to Capitol Hill, to Elliot Bay Book Company, which I shockingly had never been to. My dear friend Zach, pictured, met me there. We spent the day together. We perused books, had lunch at Honey Hole, grabbed coffee downtown, picked out a cribbage board at a toy shop, walked along the waterfront. Zach is one of those people in life that I always feel completely comfortable with. I could say to him, “Last night, I got in a bar fight and stabbed a man in the jugular.” I can hear him even now replying, “Whoa! What kind of whiskey were you drinking?” No matter the time we spend apart, we can always find something to talk about, to laugh about. It was slightly chilly down by the water. Zach stopped at this building and threw himself against the wall to warm himself. I reminded him that we were in Pioneer Square and that wall has more than likely been peed on in the last 24 hours. We quickly resumed our walk downtown.


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