August 29, 2010

6 Sep

It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Seattle without a sojourn to SafeCo field. I was fortunate to go twice: to a day game on Sunday with Zach, and a night game the following day with the Michael brothers. On Sunday I was a bit hungover and knew a Seattle Dog would cure that. I consider myself a hot dog connoisseur and am absolutely in love with the Seattle Dog. The hot dog comes with cream cheese slathered on the bun, grilled onions, and I always add a large helping of Frank’s hot sauce onto the cream cheese. As we walked along the alley towards the stadium, Zach and I tried to decide which stand to stop at. We didn’t want the flashy ones, or the ones with a large line. We saw a small stand with a gruff looking man and a smokey grill. His little mascot laying outside sold us. The poor pooch looked like he had sampled one to many of his owner’s hot dogs. He was placidly laying in the street as young M’s fans petted his ears and belly.

The game was versus Minnesota, and we actually owon, which was somewhat of a shock. But it was a pleasant surprise.


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