August 30, 2010

6 Sep

My second trip to SafeCo Field, my Mariners weren’t so lucky. They lost to the Angels. However, it was a fun game to go to. The Angels are our “Western Division Rivals,” which is somewhat nonsensical, because we have rarely been a threat to them. This season we are both sitting at the bottom of the division. Mariners fans are supposed to hate the Angels. But I have come to realize that I do not hate them, nearly as much as I hate the Oakland A’s. I kind of don’t even mind the Texas Rangers, and now I’m not feeling too against the Angels anymore.

We moved down to a lower section, around the fifth inning. I still am friends with some of the ushers, and they are kind enough to let me mooch some good seats from them. We were right behind the right fielder. The beloved Ichiro for the Mariners, and Torii Hunter for the Angels. My friend Kevin was heckling him, and Torii played along with grand gestures and turning and waving at the section in between batters. At one point, Kevin hollered “Hey Torii, you just became my favorite out-of-towner.” Hunter did an emphatic fist pump in the air. It’s a great moment when you see that despite their $18 million salary, they still have fun and don’t take the game too seriously. Hunter is a decent player with a couple of awards under his belt. But he was able to take all the Mariner’s boos and jeers in stride. I was quite impressed.


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