August 31, 2010

6 Sep

My final morning in Seattle, I had breakfast with my old roommates. I moved to Seattle without knowing a soul. I still feel incredibly fortunate that within a month of moving there, I fell into a group of 8 friends that I still consider to be some of my closest in Seattle. Our sophomore year of college, we got a huge house together. It was chaos, but in retrospect, one of the best times of my college experience. A lot of people at that time were getting big houses to all live in together, but we were more a family than any of them. We took turns cooking family dinners, our parties were epic (a penta-keggar with the entire study abroad population, anyone?), we fought only the way a family can and reconciled awkwardly the next day over some beer. Sadly, there are three key family members missing from the breakfast, but it is getting harder as we all spread out. But the “5021 family” is still a strong bond.


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