September 1, 2010

6 Sep

After seven months of confusion, worry, stress, and expensive tests, we finally got the news that my mom does NOT have breast cancer. We were all relieved and ecstatic to say the least. We were all scared as doctors oscillated back and forth between telling us it was definitely cancer and she was going to need a mastectomy, and then telling us that it wasn’t cancer. But after a painful biopsy, an official pathologist told us that it was not cancer, and they would not have to operate. It was a terrifying month and a half. Cancer isn’t something I think about a lot, until all of a sudden it was threatening someone so important to me. Then every radio show, every tv commerical, every news article seemed to talk about cancer. Pink ribbons were everywhere, as I began to feel like the worst daughter on Earth for moving across the country at a time like this. No worries, though. They are going to still keep an eye on everything, but she is A-OK.


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