September 2, 2010

6 Sep

A week prior when I had a surplus of cookies, I brought in a batch to work. I had made three different kinds, and the Ginger Molasses ones were undoubtedly a crowd favorite. At work, everyone told me how perfect they were. Moist, flavorful, sweet, delicious. I can’t take full credit. I took the recipe off of

One of my co-workers admitted that they were good, but that his chocolate chip cookies were better. This bantering led to an official bake-off challenge. I stuck to the recipe, only this time using orange juice in place of the tablespoon of water. It made a huge difference. So moist and fluffy! It also blended all the sweet and the spices together. My competitor’s cookies were pretty good, though. We weren’t too serious about the whole bake-off thing and didn’t officially arrange votes or anything. A lot of people confided in me that mine were their favorite though. So I’m counting it as a win.


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