September 22, 2010

23 Sep

A word about New York pizza. Travis and I have discussed this at length. Pizza here is held to a much higher standard as opposed to anywhere else. If you are going to open up a pizzeria in New York City, you better have a damn good pie on your hands, or the people here will shun you and scoff at you. The pizza you see here comes from “Artichoke Pizza” in the East Village. The slice size is pretty epic. When Travis told me we should split three slices between the two of us, I thought he had lost his mind. But it was more than enough. This picture, to my own fault, doesn’t do justice to the size of these things. I should have put something in the picture for size comparison. According to Travis, this is the best pizza he has found in the city so far. It was pretty amazing. The crust was what made it, perfectly crispy, yet thick and hardy enough to hold the plentiful toppings. Although I’ve only tried pizza at one other place, I am willing to say that this was the best.

Travis also showed me the Strand Bookstore which is a three-story bookstore only a couple blocks away from Artichoke. We only got to look around for a while, because Travis was very hungry. But I will definitely be spending hours of time there in the future.

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