September 21, 2010

23 Sep

This is the view out of my window. I am still so enchanted by all the buildings like these in New York. The fire escapes, the brick, the different colors, shapes, and sizes. It makes me excited every time I look at them.

This was my last day of a five-day stretch of working at Restaurant 1945. My feet were exhausted and blistered to the extreme, not just from working on my feet but from running around buying/building furniture. Travis was feeling blechy as well. So we curled up on the futon to watch the HBO “John Adams” series. So good! Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how awesome the origins of America are. That many smart men getting together to put together a revolutionary government that is so simple in its establishment of basic rights. If those men could see the mess we are in today with dueling parties, crazy extremists, dominating lobbyists, the complete disillusionment by the everyman. I think they would be truly saddened.

Anyways we also ordered in delicious and greasy Indian food. There is the website here that lists all the places that deliver to your area. We have 169 options!!! Sometimes you gotta love this place, if only for the food.


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